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    What is egg rejuvenation? It is a method that can be applied in case of ovarian failure and weakness of egg cells. PRP is platelet-rich plasma. The abbreviation PRP consists of the initial letter of the words platelet rich plasma. Blood is drawn from women who have had these problems. After the received blood has undergone various procedures, the platelet contained in it is removed. Platelet harvesting, which is the first step, is being completed.

    The embryo splicing method is also a protocol used during embryo transfer that increases the rate at which the embryo settles into the uterus. In this method, during embryo placement, a transfer process is performed with a solution that has a rich content of Hyaluronan, a protein that is highly present in the uterus and supports embryo placement.

    It is a method applied for couples who cannot have children. There are certain criteria for its implementation. These are applied if the woman does not have an egg or if it is of unusable quality, in the same way, sperm cannot be used in the man. If it is decided to perform embryo donation, the couple selects sperm. After that, the eggs are taken from the appropriate female donor and combined, and about 10 embryos are obtained. These resulting embryos are developed and transferred to the expectant mother, who is prepared intrauterine. The remaining embryos are stored in case the couple wants to have children again. Increasing success in embryo donation depends on the fact that the woman’s uterus is healthy. The success rate of donation, which occurs in a healthy womb, is high.

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