Increasing pregnancy rates are achieved by using the latest techniques developed with embryo freezing and thawing processes, which have been used for approximately 25 years.

Rather tahn old technique ,slow freezing, now vitrification technique is being used whic is much more successful. Embryos should be kept in -169 degree liquid nitrogen at sleep with cyroprotectant materials.

When transfer time comes it is taken out from nitrogen and prepared to transfer with doing the reverse of the previous progresses. In our center, generally in 3rd or 5th day, emryos are frozen. According to statistics the more embryos quality are good the more getting back alive chances in dissolving and getting pregnancy are.

Transferring frozen embryos in Gyno Life in vitro fertilization Center in the future, offers couples a cahnce to try again with lower purchase. Also in new tries, there’s no need for using long term medicines. Freezing and dissolving embryos method offers an pregnancy chance whis is easier, shorter, cheaper and almost closer to the ones with fresh embryos.

If there’s enough number and qulity embryo, embryo freezing is done with the consent of couples. First benefit, if pregnancy doesn’t happen in first practice without a spawning warning embryo transfer will allowed. And with this using medicines and picking up eggs will not done.

We know that with aging egg quality is breaks down.

But woman who frozen her embryo can take them after couple of years.

The chance of getting pregnant by frozen and dissolving embroys is closer to the ones with fresh embryos in our fully-equipped in vitro fertilization center in Cyprus.That’s why we are freze and dissolve embroys with great care. The density of freezing liquids are made to increase. With the help of this liquids, the water which is inside the embryo is taken slowly and a material which is not dilate during freezing and with that membrane.

This operation is made gradual in such a way that giving embrryo the less damage, certain heat and time. When time of waiting ends the tube which has embryos or freezing stick puts into a freezing device. This device’s quality and capacity is very important for healthy freezing.

Freezing program is determined and saved to computer by our expert embryologist, according to this program is started. As a principle, the heat is gradually decreased to -30C. After that it is decreased to -150C faster and puts in storage box which has liquid nitrogen among the freezing embryos and embryos are kept at -180C.


During dissolving operation, no device is used. Chemical liquids which are used during freezing, this time prepared backwards. Embryos which comes to room temperature are taken to most dense liquid. Embryos that are taken to 37C ,body temperature, with great care and put in gaseous, moist and hot incubator.

It is transeferred according to their day or number of the day which they frozen or followed for a couple days and quality embryos which keeps division are chosen and used.

The more division and qulity good the more pregnancy chance is.

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