Yumurta Donasyonu (Yumurta Nakli)

Egg donation is a method which is used in patients who can’t get pregnancy with their own egg but have an uterus. In this treatment, an egg donor’s eggs are used.


Who can be applied to egg donation?

  • Patients in climacteric
  • Patients who is in the transition period to climacteric
  • Patients who have reccuring IVF failure
  • Cases which are determined to bad quality eggs in previous IVF trial
  • Cases in which eggs could’nt be obtained in the IVF trial
  • Cases whose ovarys were taken by surgery
  • Cases who took chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • People who are the carrier of a ganeticor cromosomsal disease are candidate to egg donation and with this treatment they can retrieve to babys which they dream.


Which tests have to be done before the egg donation?

From woman:

  • Hemogram (Blood Counting)
  • Blood group
  • TSH
  • FT4
  • HBsAg
  • AntiHIV
  • AntiHCV
  • VDRL
  • Uterus film (HSG)


From man:

  • Sperm analysis
  • Blood group
  • HBsAg
  • AntiHIV
  • AntiHCV
  • VDRL


Donor/Egg Giver Criterions:

Infertility institutions’s suggestions in Europe and America are based on as donor criterions.

Age is an important criterion in donor choice. Recommended age is between 21-35 for egg donors. But since we work achievement-orianted we accept the ages of 21-30 which we think will achieve better egg quality in our center.

As routine tests, infectious diseas (Hepatits B, Hepatits C, HIV and Syphilis) and blood type and R hare checked.

Genetically necessary tests must be done, psychiatric tests must be passed (chromosomal analysis, thalassemia and sickle cell anemia, cytstic fibrosis in cases deemed necessary) and the donor’s own health and family history must be examined in detail.

  • She has to has a normal reproductive system.
  • She has to prove her pregnancy before.

It has to be paid attention that she has to be in the same blood group and physical characteristics with the reciever. That’s why applicant patients’ physical characteristics are asked. And carefuled to be similar with donor. Hair color, eye color and complexion is decisive characteristic. But patient can share with us the characteristics that she wnats.

In our center donor and reciever’s credentials are kept as secret. Reciever and donor’s credentials are never shared because of law. Strict privacy policy is based on this issue.

In our center there is no donor waiting list in the egg donation operations. It means when we start treatment, donor will also start treatment. Thanks to this, treatment will perform paralelly.

Gyno Life IVF Center is the center with the best and largest donor infrastructure in Cyprus. With it’s experienced team, it obtains best quality donor/egg. It shouldnt’t be forgotten that donor’s egg quality will increase your chance too.


How Does Pharmacological/Medical Treatment Work?

Reciever woman’s endometrium needs necessary preliminary for embryo’s adsorption. Hormonal support is required fort he baby to hold on. That’s why it’s treatment is done by us. When endometrium is enough for baby to settle, embryo transfer is planned. This pretreatment progress is nearly 15-20 days.

When sperm should be given in order to fertilized the eggs? How is the preparation of sperm done?

Sperm is necessary for eggs to fertilized. That’s why, manhas to be in our center and give sperm in the donor’s egg collection day. 3-5 days sexual diet is favorable before this progress. Sperm is taken to a special container with the masturbation method in a private sperm accordance room. Making sperm suitable for processing is done under laboratory conditions and most proper sperms are chosen for insemination.

If man cannot give sperms on the donor’s egg collection day, man can come and give sperm in advance. Sperms which are taken are frozen and kept. In insemination operation, man’s frozen sperms can be used by dissolving.

Fertilization, Embryo Progress and Transfer

Sperm and egg are fertilized in the laboratory environment with the microinjecton which is advanced technique. Following this operation, embryos improvement are watched in culture media. According to embryo’s improvement and patients circumstances transfer is made in the 3rd or 5th day.

Number of embryo which will be transferred is determined with patient according to patient’s health circumstances, condition of the uterus and embryo quality .

Transferring is a painless operation, it nearly takes 10 minutes. It doesn’t require anesthesia. We recommend our patients to rest in our center for nearly 2 hours after operation.

When will the results be known? And what is the success rate of our center?

12 days after the embryo transfer, pregnancy test has to be checked in the blood. We understand the pregnancy according to this test results.

The success rate of egg donation in Cyprus is around 60%-70%.

Thanks to use of fresh, high quality and abundant eggs and the hisghest level of laboratory conditions, our SUCCESS RATE in our center varies between 78% and 85%.

With our high pregnancy rate, we would like to make you one of the happy couples we impregnate.

Get in contact with us for detail information about egg donation and price.

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