In our in vitro fertilization center in Cyprus, microinjection (ICSI) operations are based on personalized treatment approahes.


After eggs are picked up, the best chosen sperms and mature eggs are being inseminated with a method which is called microinjection.In this operation sperms are puted in eggs with the help of a little straw.With this method we reach highest insemination rate. With this process,embryo formation stepes are started to follow.

After 3-5 days embryos are started to transferred uterus.


Culture of Laboratory-Embryo

In the following days, part of the embroyes move on but some part of them stop their progress. Embryos which continue are classified as their day by day morphology and division. Transferring good quality embryos are prioritised. With this success rate is thought to be increase.



Transfer process is putting best embryos to uterus with special cannula. This is a painless and simple process.There’s no need for operation such as anesthesia/sedation.


Freezing Leftover Embryos

After embryo transfer if there’s a good quality embroys are left, it’s important to freze them.Thanks to this, when couple wants another child or progress fails, there will be no need to make all operations again.

Medical Consultation Form

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