Tüp Bebek Mikroçip Uygulaması

In in vitro fertilization treatment as we see in women we can also see probelmes because of men.

Which methods we should use in order to chhose better sperm in sperms?

At the head of these, we can use system which we call microchip which is quite popular lately.

This method which we call microchip is a method that can help us about healthy sperm selection according to DNA constructions inside the sperm.

The microchip method, which we think can provide us with the best sperm selection in male factors, that is, low or even bad quality sperm selection, is successfully applied in our clinic.

Thanks to this, we can get positive results in patients who have unsuccessful tries beacuse of bad embryo quality.

We can also get quite high results in rates of going to 5th day which we call blastocyst.

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