miyom nedir? - miyom - tüp bebek sürecinde miyom

Does Myoma Affect IVF Treatment?

miyom nedir? - miyom - tüp bebek sürecinde miyom

There are many details of getting successful results in IVF treatment. It is very important to leave the job to the experts and benefit from their knowledge in this process. One of the questions which are in the family’s mind who will start to IVF treatment is myoma-IVF relation. The answer to the anticipated question was also evaluated by the Gyno Life IVF Cyprus experts. To clarify the subject, myoma is closely related to IVF treatment. But such a judgment should never be made.

It will be a very wrong approach saying if there’s a myoma then there’s no IVF. It will be useful to base medical information and set aside anxiety, rather than fabricated information spread by from ear to ear. Myoma is a name which is given to good natured tumor formations that occured due to the growth of muscle cells that make up the uterine wall.

The location of the myoma is the binding element during IVF treatment. Is the myoma in the embryo transfer space? Is it in a place outside the uterus that has nothing to do with the embryo? This has to be searched and should be focused if there’s a problem. Making expectant mother unnecessarily worried about myoma will affect the success of IVF psychologically. Gyno Life IVF Cyprus is known for it’s successful IVF progress.

Does myoma affect IVF process?

If myoma is located in a way that affects the IVF process and if myomas larger than 4 cm are observed in the middle of the uterus, the success of IVF may be adversely affected. It has been determined that if myomas are detected in the cavity of the uterus, this will decrease the success of IVF. However, leaving the job to Gyno Life IVF Cyprus doctors and following the process will increase the success rate.

If we touch on myoma treatment, subject will be more alight. Myomas located in the cavity should be removed by hysteroscopic method. Laparoscopic removal of myomas in the middle of the uterus is a method used to prevent disruption in IVF treatment. Even though one hundred percent positive results are never mentioned, it is proved that according to treatment methods which are carried out, the success rate is increase.

Myoma shouldn’t scare or cause anxiety on expectant mothers who are considering IVF treatment. It is known that the most effective treatment of myoma is surgical removal. The expectant mother should decide on this procedure in line with the recommendation of her physician. Thanks to the technological medical treatment options that Gyno Life IVF Cyprus applies, many people’s IVF treatment has been successfully completed.

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