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It is the name given to the birth of a mother who cannot carry her own baby due to health reasons, by being carried by another healthy woman.

This is a practice which is made in depending on criterions of Ministery of Health in NCTR laws.


Who is surrogacy applied to?

  • Women who don’t have uterus natural
  • Women whose uterus is taken because of obligatory surgery (tumor, myoma, cancer, etc..)
  • Women whose uterus can’t take pregnancy
  • Ashermann syndrome (women who are not suitable for pregnancy even if they have an uterus)
  • In the situations which woman’s pregnancy and give birth is risky (women who have serious disorder about heart and lung and who have impaired blood clotting which can make a vital risk)
  • Who have natal anomaly
  • Patients who have renal shutdown
  • Who have a story of breast cancer


What is the first step for surrogacy?

First step for surrogacy is, the couple who needs this procedure should apply to our center and perform the tests after the pre-interview.

After with the 10-12 days treatment of biological mother, passing to preparation phase.

Completing the preparation of the eggs and collection process is carried out in our center. Sperm which is taken from father the same day fertilized in laboratory and acquired embryos are transferred to surrogacy.

Baby’s who born with this method carry out their own mother and father’s genetic.


What is the criterions for surrogacy?

  • She have to be give birth healthy
  • Don’t have any contagious disease
  • No use of alchol-cigaratte and/or no addiction to medicine or drug
  • Who don’t have a story
  • No history of pregnancy-related diabetes or preeclampsia in the pregnancies
  • Those whose social life and especially psychological state are suitable
  • Those who don’t have chronic disease
  • Those whose body mass index is in normal standarts




Preparation of Surrogacy

In order to evaluate whether the surrogate mother is ready for pregnancy, first of all, blood tests, gynecological examination and psychological tests, and interviews are made and evaluated by experts.

Treatment process starts with the surrogacy mother’s period’s 2nd or 3rd day. In this process with necessary treatments, surrogacy mother’s uterus is made suitable for embryos which will be transferred. This preparation process takes about 17-20 days under the supervision of a doctor.

When the preparation of the uterus is completed, if there are embryos that have been previously processed and frozen, the procedure is performed with these embryos.

If there is no frozen embryo, the couple’s IVF treatment and the surrogate mother’s uterine preparation are synchronized and the transfer is made with fresh embryos.

Medical Consultation Form

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