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Interfility is the term given to people who have not been able to have children naturally for a certain period of time.

The time which should pass in order to consult a doctor when cannot have children with natural ways.

  • For people who are under age of 35 – 1 year
  • For people who are above the age of 35 ­– 6 months

People who are apply to our IVF center in Cyprus are evaluated in detail before decided to infertility tratment. After these evaluations, necessary treatments are determined for patient. This treatments can be ovulation tracking, vaccination or IVF.

In our IVF center, the necessary treatment for each patient is determined as a result of the following diagnostic methods.

Gyno Life IVF Cyprus Infertility Treatment, Diagnosis Methods in Woman Infertility

Hormone Tests

PRL, TSH, FSH, LH, ST4 and E2 tests are required in the 2nd or 3rd day of the period.

If necessary, further tests fort he determination of ovarian reserve, AMH-antimullerian hormon emay also be wanted.


Ultrasonographic examination is mad efor the determination of ovarian reserve, evaluation of uterus and tubes. It is understood if there is any structural problem. Fluid collection in tubes, intrauterine polyps, fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc. Can be understood as a result of this evaluation.

Saline Infusion Sonography (SIS)

It is an operation performed to detect adhesions and formations that occupy space in the uterus (such as curtains, fibroids, polyps, etc.) in the uterus. For this operation, serum is given with the help of a thin catheter through cervix and evaluated by ultrasonography.

Uterus Film (HSG)

By injecting contrast material through the cervix, the tubes and uterus are visualized and serial graphs (x-rays) are taken. Data about intrauterine formations, adhesions, cervical insufficiency and congenital structural defects, fluid accumulation and patency of the tubes are obtained through HSG.


The operation that allows the diagnosis and treatment of uterine problems in the same session by observing the uterine cavity through a light camera which is called hyperoscopy.


The process of examining the organs in the abdomen with a camera by entering through a short incision in the umbilicus under general anesthesia is called laparoscopy. This operation enable the diagnosis and the treatment in one session. It is used for diagnosis and treatment in cases where precise information cannot be obtained by other diagnostic methods, endometriosis (intra-uterine cell layer is located outside the uterus), intra-abdominal adhesions, inflammation of the tubes, fluid collection in the tubes, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, pain and infertility for which no reason can be found.

Diagnosis Methods in Man Infertility

Gyno Life IVF Cyprus Infertility Treatment Semen Analysis (Spermiogram)

Semen analysis is one of the most important tests to be done in the treatment of infertility.

Since alchol, cigarette, warmth, medicines which are used and infections and many other factor can effect sperm production abberant samples’ analysis should be repeated at least 2 times with an interval of 1 month. If a serious infertility problem is detected in the sperm analysis, further hormonal and physical examination of the man is started.

Sperm Test

Sperm production is a loop which is repeated in 2-3 months. In other words, a sperm which is produced will be secreted into the semen after 2 or 3 months. Likewise, harmful external factors (fatigue, severe febrile illnesses, stress, etc.) that the person encounters as well as the necessary drugs used for treatment may also affect the sperm characteristics after 3 months. This process should be considered while evaluating the semen analsis results.

If the person has not had a febrile illness or has not used medication, at least 2 sperm samples should be evaluated with an interval of 3 or 4 weeks and a decision should be made according to the average of these samples.

The sample which will be examined should preferably be given in an IVF center.

Medical Consultation Form

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