PGT - cinsiyet seçimi - tüp bebek cinsiyet seçimi - Preimplantasyon Genetik Tanı - kıbrıs cinsiyet seçimi - bebek cinsiyet seçimi - cinsiyet tayini - gyno life tüp bebek merkezi - tüp bebek merkezi kıbrıs

In the 3rd day of period, in order to increase the number and quality of egg cells, induction starts with needles.

This needles are applied in different doses according to mother’s age and condition of her egg reserves.

In our in vitro fertilization center in Cyprus, this indiction can change between 8 to 12 days.

When egg cells reach to intented growth, cracking needle is given and it’s planned to pick up eggs in 36 hours.

At the same time with picking up eggs sperm is taken from father and eggs are reduced to embryo by inseminated with microinjection.

After 12 days of the operation, the BHCG test made in blood and pregnancy result is known.

Picking up eggs is a simple and painless operation.

This operation takes places in our in vitro fertilization center and continues for 15-20 minutes with a light anestesia. If couple wants, they can return their country the same day. They can come our in vitro fertilization center after 4 days for transfer or according to their work load they can stay in dwelling-house or hotel in Cyprus until transfer day.

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