C. A.

Dear Doctor Murat Önal and Gyno Life team,

We toured many hospitals and doctors in the hope of having children. We thought of Cyprus as a last resort. After meeting Dr Murat Önal and his team, we decided that distances would not interfere with our family planning.

Thank you to the Gyno Life family, who brought us back to our dreams.

C. C.

To Dr. Murat Onal, Ceren and everyone who helped me back in Aug. and Sept.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity Olivia & Esmeralda with love and gratitude C. C.,

Thank you for my two beautiful girls. They are very healthy now and have grown a lot! All the best

S. A.

Our baby started taking her first steps today. We are very happy to experience such a miracle with you. We sincerely felt you with us during the entire treatment process, procedures, birth and development phase of our child, where you are constantly communicating with us.

Thank you for your sincerity, your spiritual value and your wonderful friendship. We appreciate you making room for us in the Gyno Life family.

Y. D.

Mr. Dr. Hayat Izel;

In this difficult journey, we have had a very beautiful son with your efforts and patience. May My Lord grant a doctor like you to anyone who wants to have a son. I also know that you are a beacon of hope for us and for everyone. You gave a miracle to my lap with my only egg, knowing that I was a difficult, impatient, grumpy patient. Now, with 15 months of happiness, we’re breathing in the color of our lives.

Don’t let the tears touch your eyes, let your smiling face always laugh. We love you so much, I’m glad you’re here.

E. C.

We appreciate you reminding us again how to be strong, how not to give up.

As our second family, we will visit you with our baby in the future. We’re so excited to introduce you to the beauty we have.

Dr Gyno and Family Life Eternal love to Murat Önal.

E. G.

Where the servant says, “it is over,” God says, “I have had enough.” God brought you before us where we said,” We are finished.”

We’ll never forget your smile, your patience, your work. Your approach more like a brother than a doctor, your holding our trembling hand with Hope, has opened the door to indescribable beauty. May God bless you, and in this way you will have more families with children.

You have made our world beautiful, May My Lord always make your world beautiful.

H. D.

Dr. Murat Önal and Gyno Life team,

1 month ago, thanks to you, we held our baby. We wanted to express our gratitude to our son by giving the name of our friendly doctor Murat Bey, who was always with us, who gave us morale.

We are so glad to see that you are a beacon of hope for many families and that we have reached a happy ending on this path with you.

All the best, with greetings and love.

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