Yumurta nakli ile adet görmeyen kadınlar gebe kalabilir mi?

Can non-menstruating women get pregnant?

To not having one’s period is called ‘’amenorrhea’’. There is usually a hormonal or genetic problem in women, which we call primary amenorrhea, who never has one’s period. In other words, any interruption of this hormonal cycle from the brain to the ovaries, from the ovaries to the uterus prevents the woman from having one’s period. That’s why amenorrhea occurs at every point where this hormonal cycle is interrupted.

In some of the situations we called it primary amenorrhea, the hormones secreted from the brain to the ovaries are missing. Consolidating of these hormones ensures that women’s ovaries become functional again, enabling them to have period and pregnancy. Nevertheless, patients with TURNER syndrome in whom the response of the ovaries is negative, that is, the ovaries do not work despite the presence of these hormones, and the ovaries with early menopause or genetic syndrome are not active, unfortunately, it won’t be possible to achieve pregnancy by operating the ovaries.

In such cases, people have the only chance to get pregnant with EGG DONATION treatment by applying to egg transplant centers. Egg transplantation is a preffered treatment method for become pregnant for womens who do not have one’s period.


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