Differences Between Those Who Get Pregnant With Egg Donation and Those Who Get Pregnant By Normal Ways

Differences Between Those Who Get Pregnant With Egg Donation and Those Who Get Pregnant By Normal Ways

Egg donation can be applied to those who cannot get pregnant with their own reproductive cells for any reason, have genetic diseases, go through menopause, have their ovaries removed due to surgeries, encounter unsuccessful results in in vitro fertilization treatment, or have no egg cells due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer. Egg donation is similar to IVF treatment in many ways. The egg cell is taken from the donor selected only because there is a health problem in the mother’s ovary or egg cells. The number of people who get pregnant with egg donation has increased considerably today.

Tests Couples Should Have Done

Before starting the egg donation treatment, some tests are done to determine the health status of the mother and father-to-be. In order to learn the sperm quality of the father-to-be, a sperm test is required and a uterine film is required to learn the health status of the mother’s uterus. If the expectant mother has not yet entered the menopause, the menstrual cycle is also important in order to plan the treatment time. Because the donor and the mother-to-be are given certain medications to get menstruation at the same time. After the conclusion of all the tests, the germ cell of the father-to-be and the donor’s germ cell are brought together in a laboratory environment. After waiting for a few days, healthy embryos are selected and placed in the uterus of the expectant mother. You should wait 12 days for the pregnancy test. During this period, it becomes clear whether the embryo can attach to the uterus or not. At the end of 12 days, a pregnancy test is done with a blood test to get the most accurate result.

The only difference between those who get pregnant with egg donation and those who get pregnant by normal means is that the egg cell does not belong to the expectant mother. Apart from this factor, the pregnancy period is a normal pregnancy and bonds of trust and love are established between the expectant mother and the baby as in a normal pregnancy. Babies recognize their mother’s scent as soon as they come out of the womb. The reason for this is that they live together in the womb and spend a period of 9 months together. In egg donation, the baby is fed in the mother’s womb and recognizes the mother’s scent when it comes out of the mother’s womb. Many couples who cannot have children achied their dreams with egg donation.

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