Who does the baby look like in Sperm Donation?

Who does the baby look like in Sperm Donation?

Sperm donation; It is a method that can be used in cases where the male partner has insufficient sperm, lack of sperm (Azosperm), sperm quality below normal values, and poor results in repeated IVF treatments. It is also a common method preferred by single women. In this method, more than one egg is developed by giving the eggs of the female partner and drugs with the program determined by the doctor. Simultaneously, the sperm selection process continues. Couples are offered options to choose from certified sperm donor banks approved by the European and United States of America, where our center works. In the selection of sperm donors, couples examine the donors with the appropriate physical characteristics, including psychological tests.

One of the most question marks about the sperm donation technique is who the baby to be born looks like. In the meantime, it should be known first of all that in the formation of the embryo, half of the genetic transfer passes from the sperm and half from the egg. If we explain this scientifically; There are structures that are too small to be seen with a microscope, which we call DNA, which carries the genetic structure in cells. DNAs contain codes that contain all our features and that make each individual different with special codes. Half of this genetic material comes from the sperm content and half comes from the egg content and Embryo formation is ensured. During this formation, there are many possibilities with recessive or dominant codes in the combination of genes. In other words, since half of the physical characteristics of the baby to be born in sperm donation come from the mother-to-be, the sperm donor is chosen with similar characteristics, and babies similar to couples are born to a large extent. Since there is the most hesitation on this subject, you can learn the detailed situation about the process by getting detailed information about this in our clinic about sperm selection.

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