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What are the chances of having a baby by freezing eggs?

IVF treatment has come a long way in the last 30 years, and it is a method that provides couples or individuals with the opportunity to have a baby, which has progressed rapidly in recent years. In today’s modern world, this method is a treatment that makes people smile, as the desire of women and men to have a baby shifts to older ages.

In addition, the fact that this method includes methods such as egg, sperm and embryo freezing has also been a light of hope for people. Egg freezing; Cancer treatment, the desire to have children at an advanced age, has become a technique that is especially preferred and rapidly becoming widespread in women with low ovarian reserve.

Processes in Egg Freezing

Women who want to have a baby because the reproductive cells in women are in a certain age range; They can freeze their eggs at an early age and store them for later use. Thanks to this method, which is very common in Cyprus, it is possible to use your own fresh and young eggs in the same way and use them in the following years. In this method, the egg development process begins after the woman’s suitability for treatment tests are performed. In this process, hormone therapy is applied for the maturation of more than one egg.

Egg follicles that have reached a certain diameter according to the length of the protocols applied to the person are collected under general anesthesia by our specialist doctors. It is transmitted to the Embryology laboratory simultaneously. With the special egg freezing protocols of our experienced Embryologists, the eggs are first cleaned from the cells around them and checked whether they are mature or not, and then freezing is performed. It is very important that the egg freezing process is done carefully and in experienced hands. Since eggs are more sensitive cells, egg freezing can be done with different protocols, even if they contain -196 liquid nitrogen.

In Cyprus, eggs can be safely stored in nitrogen tanks for years, for the period prescribed by law. Then, when the owner of the egg is ready, in vitro fertilization can be done by applying the thawing process for the process. With this technique, women can keep their chance of motherhood fresh by obtaining healthy babies with young eggs.

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