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What is Embryo Donation?

It is a method applied for couples who cannot have children. There are certain criteria for its application. These are applied if the woman does not have eggs or if the sperm cannot be used in the same way if the woman cannot use them. If it is decided to apply embryo donation, the couple chooses sperm. Thereupon, eggs are taken from a suitable female donor and combined and approximately 10 embryos are obtained. These obtained embryos are developed and transferred to the expectant mother who is prepared intrauterine. The remaining embryos are preserved in case the couple wants to have another child. Increasing the success of embryo donation depends on the healthy uterus of the woman. The success rate of donation in a healthy uterus is high.

Increasing Success in Embryo Donation

A successful embryo donation depends on the healthy uterus of the woman. The success rate also depends on the donor’s condition. The health of the donors increases the success. Embryo donation method is a method with a high success rate for couples who want to be parents but cannot. The success rate for people aged 28-29 is 83%, and the success rate for people aged 40 on average is 82%. In other words, it is a method with a very high success rate.

What Should Be Carefuled to Increase Success in Embryo Donation?

In order for this method, which is applied to couples who cannot have children despite their attempts, to be successful, the selection of the egg, sperm donor and the quality of the sperm must be good. It is important for success that the sperm to be taken from the donors for donation has high fertilization ability, motility, good morphological features and high number. In addition, the experience of the place and staff where embryo donation will be made is very important. If it is desired to increase the success of embryo donation, this task should be left to expert hands. In our hospital, which has technological competence, embryo donation procedures are carried out in accordance with the principles of confidentiality. Performing the necessary tests completely and completely makes it easier to achieve success. Most importantly, the age of the woman, the ovarian reserve status of the woman, the condition of the sperm to be selected, the presence of any disease are the factors that most affect the success of the embryo donation method.

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