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Egg Rejuvenation

Being mother is every woman’s dream. Woman who has a healthy egg can be mother but this situation is not always possible. Due to various factors, it is not possible to have a baby naturally. In such cases, there are various treatment methods available. These treatments are primarily in vitro fertilization and egg rejuvenation treatment. IVF treatment is the most common treatment method. Recently, it has attracted attention with the high successes achieved in the treatment of egg rejuvenation. What is egg rejuvenation? It is a method applied in case of ovarian failure and weakness in egg cells. PRP is platelet-rich plasma. The abbreviation PRP consists of the initials of the words platelet rich plasma. Blood is taken from women who have these problems. After the blood is taken through various processes, the thrombocyte in it is taken. The first step, thrombocyte extraction, is completed.

The other step is to inject the obtained PRP into the egg cells. It is performed under anesthesia so that there is no bee at the time of injection. Injecting platelets into egg cells shows positive effects against conditions that make it difficult for the embryo to hold in the uterus. Thin lining of the uterus, immunity to the uterus or thickening of the lining of the uterus make it difficult for the embryo to adhere to the inner surface. With platelet injection, the inability to have children due to these reasons is prevented.

Injected thrombocyte stimulates stem cells. Thus, the egg cells complete their transformation. It is possible to have children by obtaining healthy eggs.

Who is Egg Rejuvenation Applied to?

After the question of what is egg rejuvenation, the question of whom this treatment is applied to comes to mind. Because not every treatment available can be applied to everyone who has this disease. First of all, ovarian reserves may decrease in early or advanced ages. The most striking feature of this treatment is that it can be applied to women of all age groups. So there is no age limit.

Egg cells age over time. It is one of the reasons why the probability of having a child at an advanced age is low. It is applied to women with infertility problems, women with problems with egg reserves, and women with low levels of anti-mullerian hormone, abbreviated as AMH. It can be applied to women over the age of 35 who have infertility problems. It is a method that can also be applied in cases where the inner lining of the uterus is thin or thick and adherent.

It is known that after a woman enters menopause, it is impossible to have children. There is a possibility of having a child with egg rejuvenation treatment. In order to apply egg rejuvenation treatment, one must be physically healthy. If the expectant mother has not received cancer treatment and chemotherapy before, treatment can be applied.

When is Egg Rejuvenation Treatment Performed?

After determining that you are a person to whom egg rejuvenation treatment can be applied, a treatment plan is created. The most suitable period for this treatment is the end of the menstrual period. Another option is to do it just before follicle development in egg cells. After determining the appropriate time in these two situations, blood is taken from the expectant mother and platelets are separated. After the platelet obtained is injected into the egg cells, it begins to be followed. In the next menstrual cycle, if there is a period, the egg cells are examined. If there is no menstrual period, AMH, LH and FSH values are followed periodically.

The simplest answer to the question of what is egg rejuvenation is a method applied for women who want to be mothers but cannot. The treatment, which is similar to IVF treatment, is a painless and very short treatment. As success rates increase day by day, this situation changes from person to person. There are many different hormones and systems in the body. Each parameter affects the success rate.

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