What are the factors that increase egg quality?

What are the factors that increase egg quality?

Egg quality is very important for healthy fertilization and embryo development. The healthier the egg, the healthier the pregnancy and its continuation.

There are also some ways that eggs can stay as healthy as possible.

Adopting a healthy life minimizes the risk of any fertility related problems. A woman is born with the eggs she will have throughout her life, and the number and quality of these eggs can be directly affected by external factors. For this reason, a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and an active life should be preferred. In particular, foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals should be consumed.

In addition to healthy nutrition and exercise, another factor that affects egg quality and also affects prolactin, cortisol and other hormones that may prevent regular ovulation is stress. The best way to restrain the stress factor is to take a lot of nature walks and engage in activities that will make you happy.

With proper nutrition and a stress-free life, it is possible to maintain the existing egg number and quality.


To increase the chance of pregnancy by obtaining a healthy embryo with a quality egg and sperm!

In order to obtain a quality embryo in IVF treatment, it is necessary to look at the condition of the elements that make up the embryo. The condition of the eggs and sperm and of course the experience of the people who will choose them in the laboratory environment are important. In the IVF process, mature eggs are obtained with personalized protocols in order to obtain a healthy egg first. For sperm, pre-evaluation is performed, by evaluating whether they comply with the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO), and if necessary, some recommended antioxidant use is provided before the treatment, and the treatment is planned and the egg and sperm are taken to the laboratory environment simultaneously, and the procedure is performed by microinjection or classical IVF method. In this way, high quality embryos are developed and the best quality embryos are selected from the embryos followed on the 3rd or 5th day and the transfer process is performed.

Egg donation can be made to women who have adverse conditions such as hereditary disease, egg failure, extraordinary conditions in chromosomes, endomeriosis causing infertility, abnormalities in the fetus.

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