Yumurta Donasyonu Tedavisi - tüp bebek - kıbrıs tüp bebek merkezi

Egg Donation Treatment

Egg donation process in Cyprus Gyno Life IVF center;

  • In women who do not have a chance to become pregnant with their own eggs,
  • In young women who enter menopause at an early age,
  • In cases such as damage to the ovarian tissue for various reasons,
  • It is a method preferred by people with a genetic disease or women with recurrent miscarriages and with a very high pregnancy success.

Egg donation is a process that progresses with the egg donation of another woman who is similar to the physical characteristics of the expectant mother, is compatible with her blood type, is young, healthy and has proven fertility. In our center, the pregnancy success rate of egg donation is 80%.

At the Cyprus Gynolife IVF center, young, healthy and fertile donors are carefully selected for treatment programs. In this process, all infectious diseases and genetic screenings of the donors are made and their suitability is determined. In addition, donors are included in treatment programs by evaluating the suitability of their psychological status, accompanied by psychologists. Egg donation is the most preferred and frequently applied method in Cyprus. In our center, experts and expectant mothers can make the selection of egg donors with the desired characteristics (height, weight, eye color, hair color, etc.) suitable for them. This process continues in the company of our expert staff at the Gynolife IVF Center, taking into account all the expectations of the expectant mother. Simultaneously with the collection of the donor’s egg, the sperm of the father-to-be is taken and fertilization is carried out in our laboratory with the latest equipment. After fertilization, the developing embryo is placed in the prepared uterus of the expectant mother and after 12 days, pregnancy formation is evaluated according to the hormone value in the blood. The pregnancy process of a pregnant woman with egg donation continues as a normal pregnancy.

With egg donation, which has a very high success in the Gynolife IVF center, thousands of families are happy to receive the healthy babies they are longing for.

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