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Pregnancy Success Rates with Egg Donation Increase Every Year

Egg donation success rates

It may vary depending on the health and age status of the expectant mother, the quality of the reproductive cell of the father-to-be and the way the treatment is administered. As with any reproductive treatment, the success rate is higher in people aged 30 and under. The most important factor affecting the egg donation success rate is the health and age of the donor. Because the egg cell is taken from the donor. Each treatment center or hospital can choose a donor in different age ranges. The treatment success rate is still around 70-80% in donors who are under the age of 30 and have previously given birth to a healthy child or have good egg quality.

In countries that choose donors regardless of age and having a child, this rate drops to 40-45%. In countries that choose donors from people who have never been pregnant or whose egg quality is not good, the success rate drops to 30-37%. Based on this information, egg donation success rates increase if the donor has given birth to a healthy child before, or if the egg quality is good and is under 30 years old.

The Effect of Doctors and Clinics on Success

When working with experienced physicians and clinics with high success rates, the success rates of the treatment increase up to 85%. Since a different woman’s reproductive cell is used in egg donation, it has a higher success rate than treatments using the mother’s own egg cell. The full experience of the pregnancy by the mother positively affects both the development of the baby and the formation of the bond of love and trust that should be formed between the mother and the baby. The risk of miscarriage and multiple pregnancy, which is seen at high rates in IVF treatment, is lower in egg donation. However, at the request of the mother and father-to-be, multiple pregnancy treatment can also be applied.

If you also want to have a child, but cannot get pregnant due to menopause or other health problems, you can try egg donation treatment. You can also use this treatment method for situations where you do not want to carry genetic diseases to your children. It is very difficult to get pregnant, especially over the age of forty. For this reason, egg donation has been a beacon of hope for families who want to have a baby, but having continious negative results. We invite you to the Gyno Life IVF center to tell you about our treatments.

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